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Professional Email Addresses

Solution Description

  • Email branded at (for example, [email protected])
  • Powered by the familiar interfaces of Zoho, Google Apps (GMail) or Office 365 (
  • Access your synced email on a computer or on the go
  • Makes your business more professional
  • Complements your website


  • Cost: $50, but included when combined with a website by Geek Resolutions
    • Fee of email provider (Zoho, Google Apps, or Office 365) not included (Zoho free; others ~$5/month)
  • Locations: Email can be set up remotely.

Portfolio of Websites with Email

Davis Home Training Website

Davis Home Training Website


  • Original Design and Colors
  • Contact form and directions
  • Password-protected blog that integrates with newsletters

Geek Resolutions also designed matching business cards, logo, and newsletters.

Davis Home Training WebsiteDavis Home Training


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